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The Sea At Night

12 Inch Vinyl £17.99

Release Date: Mar 22, 2019

Discs: 1

Oblong formed out of the occasional meetings/musings/musics of three friends, Ben ‘Benge' Edwards, Dave Nice and Simon ’Sid' Stronarch. Originally they were in a band together, along with others, in the early 1990s, but as time drifted by the three went their own ways, only occasionally meeting up socially. As those years turned into decades, the three found themselves increasingly drawn to their musical calling, and the social meetings began to revolve around writing and recording sessions, which involved Ben and Dave traveling across England to meet up at Sid’s rural home and studio. These sporadic road trips between London and the West Country eventually resulted in their debut album Indicator, released on Benge’s Expanding Records label in 2006

Since then the three men allowed life to drift on once again, with Benge eventually moving Westward to set up an electronic music studio in a remote moorland location, in the summer of 2014. Before long the musical draw took hold again and they began meeting up in Cornwall and working on new material. The process once again was to slowly build up tracks and piece together an album of electro-acoustic music, following their instincts in a similarly uninhibited way, allowing their three very different sets of musical styles and influences to flow. The result is The Sea At Night, an album as infused with nostalgia for past musical styles as it is with the dramatic moorland atmosphere surrounding the studio and nearby coastal landscapes.

Side A

Frost Pocket
The Sea At Night
Cool Calm and Connected
Robot Dan

Side B

Fast Radio Burst
Romford Suzuki
Weird Sugar
Number Nine