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Ribbon Around The Bomb Gold

Vinyl $34.00

Release Date: 29/04/2022

Discs: 1

Ribbon Around The Bomb is the first new music from Blossoms since their ‘vibrant single’ (NME) Care For, which was released in 2021. Care For gained great support from radio, with the track being playlisted and made the ‘Hottest Record’ by Radio 1, as well as getting on the B-List with Radio 2. The track was also added to key streaming playlists, including Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’, ‘All New All Now’ and ‘The Indie List’.

The band’s new album is produced by their consistent and renowned collaborators James Skelly and Rich Turvey and revolves around a central character ‘The Writer’. Tom Ogden explains: ‘The more songs I wrote, the more I realised that the writer referenced in the songs was in fact me. Having been so busy for the past eight years I and the band have never really had the chance to step back and reflect on what we’ve achieved. You’re so focused on the future; write the next album then tour. Your life is usually mapped out at least two years in advance’.

Standout tracks on the record include Ode To NYC, described by Tom as ‘a love letter to my favourite city, as well as my wife’, The Writer which deals with the fear of and frustration associated with writers block and Everything About You, one of the album’s only love songs, which Tom says is ‘as honest as they come’. Visions meanwhile contains one of the album’s key lyrics ‘Was I complete at 23’, as Tom explains. ’At 23 I had just had a number 1 album and begun my relationship with my now wife Katie. Reflecting on what I’d achieved at such a young age left me wondering, what now?’

Track Listing:

Ribbon Around The Bomb

1. The Writer's Theme
2. Ode To NYC
3. Ribbon Around The Bomb
4. The Sulking Poet
5. Born Wild
6. The Writer
7. Everything About You
8. Care For
9. Cinerama Holy Days
10. Edith Machinist
11. Visions
12. The Last Chapter

Live At Sefton Park
1. Intro Live At Sefton Park
2. Your Girlfriend Live At Sefton Park
3. There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) Live At Sefton Park
4. I Can't Stand It Live At Sefton Park
5. Getaway Live At Sefton Park
6. My Swimming Brain Live At Sefton Park
7. Paperback Writer Live At Sefton Park
8. Blown Rose Live At Sefton Park
9. Honey Sweet Live At Sefton Park
10. Sunday Was a Friend of Mine Live At Sefton Park
11. If You Think This Is Real Life Live At Sefton Park
12. Oh No (I Think I'm In Love) Live At Sefton Park
13. At Most a Kiss Live At Sefton Park
14. Charlemagne Live At Sefton Park

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