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Big In Japan - The 7-Inch Singles Limited Edition Signed + Coloured

Boxset $94.00

Release Date: Oct 22, 2021

Discs: 5

No band epitomised Britpop more than Menswe@r. 

Singer Johnny Dean, guitarists Chris Gentry and Simon White, bassist  Stuart Black and drummer Matt Everitt formed in London in mid 1994,  playing a handful of gigs that prompted a label bidding war and countless  magazine covers.  

They delivered a string of UK Top 20 singles: ‘I’ll Manage Somehow’,  ‘Sleeping In’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Being Brave’ and the undeniable Britpop classic  ‘Daydreamer’. While the speed of their success surprised some; their  style, attitude and riotous live shows defined the times and they became  one of the most popular bands of 1995. 

This boxset features the singles from their debut album, Nuisance. A-sides  and B-sides of the bands five 7” singles pressed on coloured vinyl with  original iconic artwork covers and printed inner sleeve. The boxset comes  with a Menswe@r logo sticker, one of five postcards and a signed photo.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
Side A
1. I'll Manage Somehow
Side B
1. Secondhand

Disc 2:
Side A
1. Daydreamer
Side B
1. Gentleman Jim

Disc 3:
Side A
1. Stardust
Side B
1. Back In The Bar

Disc 4:
Side A
1. Sleeping In
Side B
1. Sunday Driver

Disc 5:
Side A
1. Being Brave
Side B
1. Sunlight on the Moon

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