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The Who

WHO Limited Numbered 6x 7-Inch w/ Live At Kingston CD

Boxset $46.00

Release Date: 04/12/2020

Discs: 7

Limited Edition Numbered 7” Boxset includes WHO pressed on 6 x 7” + Live at Kingston Bonus CD, a special acoustic performance recorded on 14th February 2020, recorded 50 years to the day since the seminal Live at Leeds show.


A1. All This Music Must Fade
A2. Ball and Chain

B1. I Don't Wanna Get Wise
B2. Detour

C1. Beads On One String
C2. Hero Ground Zero

D1. Street Song
D2. I'll Be Back

E1. Break The News
E2. Rockin' In Rage

F1. She Rocked My World
F2. Beads On One String – Yaggerdang Remix

CD (Live at Kingston)

1. Intro
2. Substitute (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
3. Squeeze Box (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
4. Tattoo (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
5. The Kids Are Alright (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
6. Break The News (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
7. She Rocked My World (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)
8. Won't Get Fooled Again (Acoustic – Live at Kingston)

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