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Aled Jones

Blessings CD (Signed) + Everyday Blessings (Signed) Book


Release Date: 06/11/2020

This multi buy includes:

  • Everyday Blessings - (Signed) Book
  • Blessings - CD (Signed)
Blessings CD

For 2020, and his 40th album, Aled Jones presents Blessings. An idea first incubated a few years ago, the album speaks to the senses we have all felt, as well as faith, spirituality, and most importantly creating a holistic album for all. The album will be released on BMG on November 6th.

Blessings touches on a range of faiths and beliefs - Quaker, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhism – through a range of uplifting hymns, texts and scriptures set to music. Aled has also enlisted artists of a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds to collaborate, including singer/songwriter and humanitarian Sami Yusuf, award-winning actress and author Dame Judi Dench, Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle, 94-year-old D-Day veteran Harry Billinge MBE, boy chorists Libera and biggest-selling Catholic artists The Priests.

At the heart of the album is Aled’s firm belief that peace, love and kindness are at the core of all faiths - these are the values that bind us together and come to us in times of need.


1. How Can I Keep From Singing? (with Dame Judi Dench)

2. Sunrise Sunset
3. Ave Maria
4. Bless This House (with Susan Boyle)
5. Anfonaf Angel
6. Loving Kindness
7. If I Can Help Somebody / Let There Be Peace On Earth (with Harry Billinge)
8. Vespera (with Libera)
9. Australian Blessing
10. Irish Blessing  (with The Priests)
11. Down By The Salley Gardens
12. Song Of Our Maker (with Sami Yusuf)
13. Listen, Obey and Be Blessed
14. Silent Night (with Brian Blessed)

Signed Book 

Daily life is so busy that it's hard to see the wood for the trees. Take a few minutes each day to ponder a nugget of wisdom chosen especially for you by singer and presenter Aled Jones.

Aled's faith in God has sustained him all his life -- it is a God that speaks and exists through all things, times and places. Drawing on spritual wisdom across the ages, from ancient times to the modern day, as well as across diverse cultures, Aled has compiled a daily reader that will help ground and inspire you each day of the year.

The year is divided up into monthly themes, ranging from New Beginnings, to treasuring the little things in life and the power of a smile. Charming line drawing illustrations decorate the page and journalling space allows the reader to respond to what they are reading by either making notes or with a drawing of their own.

A book that's perfect as a gift for mum or dad, it is perfect to dip in and out of during the year and will be a favourite treasure trove of wisdom for all who love watching Aled on BBC TV or listen to his inspiring show on Classic FM.   

Complied by the singer Aled Jones, this book is a compilation of blessings to read throughout the year. Each page is illustrated with a quote to bring you joy and peace everyday.

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