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The Universal Want Numbered Limited Edition

Boxset $89.00

Release Date: 11/09/2020

Discs: 3

Doves break their silence on new album rumours by announcing that their fifth long player, 'The Universal Want'.

Boxset contains:
  • Lenticular Cover of album artwork on box.
  • Exclusive Picture Disc LP
  • Cassette (limited to box set only)
  • High quality 12 x 12 prints (art)
  • Digital Download Code
  • Numbered Limited Edition
  • Set of 5 postcard prints using album/single artwork
  • Remix LP - 12” LP featuring two Doves Remixes (A/B)

I Will Not Hide
Broken Eyes
For Tomorrow
Cathedrals Of The Mind
Cycle Of Hurt
Mother Silver Lake
Universal Want
Forest House

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