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Jade Bird

Jade Bird White

Vinyl $29.00

Release Date: 19/04/2019

Discs: 1

Twisting big themes of disillusionment, divorce, cheating, sorrow into the realities of an independent-minded, modern British teenager, Jade’s music transcends genre with a wealth of influence coming from everywhere, and anywhere. Classic, contemporary, and a total breath of fresh air in the current musical landscape, Jade Bird is that rare, next-generation artist who appears as clued up on the past as she is determined to learn from its lessons: in control, sometimes in your face, and in possession of gifts beyond her years.

1. Ruins
2. Lottery
3. I Get No Joy
4. Side Effects
5. My Motto
6. Does Anybody
7. Know
8. Uh Huh
9. Good At It
10. 17
11. Love Has All Been Done Before
12. Going Gone
13. If I Die

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